God’s mercy ✨

I guess that’s the thing about life. It’s about giving up the things you love that take you nowhere. They don’t bring you closer to God.

You have been gifted with this life, and you and I need to open our eyes to see His mercies. They’re all around us, but do we choose to see them?

Do these eyes, that you and I have been blessed with, choose to see God’s signs around us?

And this heart that pumps blood, and keeps us alive by the mercy of God, does it recognize His endless mercies that envelope us?

It’s about venturing into the unknown and still being able to see God’s mercies around us.

It’s about how we choose to see our lives.


Broken hearts can be fixed.

We are all broken, 
Searching for Light. 

Some of us put temporary bandages on our wounds, 
Some of us pretend our wounds don’t exist,
And some of us allow God’s Light to shine into the cracks of our hearts.  

Our healing comes from God,

For the wound is the place where God’s Light enters you. 

Embrace your pain, 
It is a message from God,

A personal message from Him to you.